Ali Fazal movie Death on the Nile is releasing

Actor Ali Fazal is gearing up for his upcoming international film. The Death on the Nile, Ali Fazal movie is  an adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel by the same name. He is in Philhan London and will soon begin shooting for the film which also stars ‘Wonder Woman’ star Gal Gadot, Armie Hammer and Kenneth Branagh.

Ali said, “The most important preparation for me is to find my dress and my look in the film. Once this part is done, I will prepare for the rest after that. So since coming here I have been since last week. I am just focusing on it and by that I mean to be a part of the tailoring and tailoring process of my costumes. “

Ali also said, “There is also a dialect teacher (teacher / teacher providing proper knowledge of the words) for some of us on the set so the accents are being trained. Right now I cannot disclose that How is this quote because I want it to be a surprise. “

Ali Fazal movie 

After playing the lead role of Abdul in the film ‘Victoria and Abdul’, now actor Ali Fazal will be seen acting opposite the popular and liked actress of the world, Gal Gadut.

who is known for playing the role of Wonder Woman She goes. Both actors are now ready to make their presence felt on screen. In the modern adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel, ‘Death on the Nile’, and Kenneth Branagh is directing the film. Prior to this he has directed many highly popular and successful films.

Ali Fazal has been a fan of all of Agatha’s novels. Since the shooting of the film started, Ali wanted to read ‘Death on the Nile’ once. In this film, director Kenneth himself is playing the role of Belgian detective Hercule Poirot.

The film is an incident on a cruise. Most of its action scenes will be shot on the Nile River in Egypt. Ali also has to seek help for the correct pronunciation of his part dialogues. He is currently completing a costume trial for his role in the film.

A film was also made on this novel in 1978. Ali himself wants to understand the characters through the screenplay. But believes that the book will be able to truly explain the environment and the situation to him and help him to create his character in the film.

Ali says about this, For my role, I am reading a novel. I had seen a film on ‘The Death on the Nile’ a long time ago, which also featured Mia Farrow.

In terms of film, it is most important for me to know your clothes, you look. I have been completely focused on myself since I came here for the last week and I mean the tailoring of my costume. We also have trainers on set to correct the dialogues and its pronunciation. which we are working to improve the accents of all the actors.

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