Batla House: John Abraham’s upcoming movie

Batla House: John Abraham‘s upcoming movie. John Abraham’s patriotism once again came to the fore during the trailer release of the film Batla House in Mumbai. He said that showing patriotism or a loving country is not a talent.

John says when the tricolor comes out, the country in which you live is due to this country, then patriotism automatically, country love is within you and I also do the same. 


His fans are quite excited about John Abraham’s upcoming film.But now his excitement may get a shock. Actually, two accused of the incident in which the film Batla House is making, have filed a petition to ban the film. The matter will be heard next week.

The Batla House film is inspire by the incident of the 2008 Batla House encounter. Two of the accused in the case, Ariz Khan and Shahzad Ahmed, have filed a petition against the film in the Delhi High Court. He has demanded to instruct the center to do a pre-screening of the film Batla House.

The plea states that all the events depicted in the film’s posters and promotional videos are inspiring by the true incident, leading to the feeling that the Batla House encounter is showing the real incident on the screen.

The petition further said, ‘The court discharges its duties in an independent and impartial manner and the court is unlikely is affects events shown in the film. The release of the film will affect the outcome of the trial.

According to the petition, the events shown in the film may affect the trial. As the film attempts to link Batla House and Delhi serial blasts with each other. This movie is Directed by Nikkhil Advani. It based on the incident of police encounter after the 2008 serial blasts in Delhi. In the film, John Abraham is in the role of Sanjeev Kumar. His opposite Mrinal Thakur has been cast, which will play the role of his wife.

John says that while choosing films. He likes to do all kinds of films and comedy is his favorite, but still, patriotic films have a special place on his list.

If the script and the content are good, then he will never hold back from doing patriotic films. John says that films do not play due to wearing empty uniforms and do not reach the hearts of people. Along with the uniform, the film’s story, content and other factors also matter. If everything goes well, then people like going to the movies.

11 years ago, the Batla House Encounter incident took place in the country’s capital, Delhi. On September 19, 2008,
Atif Amin and Mohammad Sajid is the two suspected terrorists   and they killed in the Batla House area of Jamia Nagar. These two terrorists worked for the Indian Mujahideen. During that time, two suspects Mohammad Saif and Zeeshan were arrested, while one of their accomplices Ariz Khan managed to escape.

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