In the first nomination, these two girls are out of the house, Bigg Boss 13

Bigg Boss 13. ‘Bigg Boss’ season 13 is really crooked. This was said by Salman Khan on the day of the show’s premiere, but slowly, how much truth is there in this matter is now coming out. On 12 October is ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’. This time, four girls are nominated to be homeless. It includes the names of Rashmi Desai, Shehnaz, Koena Mitra and Daljeet. According to the news, this time there is double elimination. We tell you who these two girls are.

‘The Khabari’, which gave inside information related to ‘Bigg Boss 13’, tweeted on Twitter account. According to this tweet, this time two girls from home will be homeless together. These two names are Koena Mitra and Daljit Kaur. According to this tweet, both these contestants have been out of the house. However, this idea was made from the ‘Weekend Ka War’ promo video.

In this promo video, Salman Khan himself is saying that two people will go out of the house this week. Along with this, Salman Khan was also seen in the promo saying that he won the ‘Big Power’ in ‘Weekend Ka War’. Prior to ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, the girls of the house got a chance to nominate the boys. The task was named ‘BB Fisheries’.

During this task, the girls were given a basket containing fish. These fish were to put the girls in a box in front of the names of the boys whom she would like to nominate. In this task, Siddharth Shukla won because there was not a single fish in his basket when the buzzer finally sounded. During this task, Siddharth Shukla also debated with Shefali Bagga and Mahira Sharma.

On October 11, a promo video was shared from the ‘Bigg Boss’ account which was later removed. In this video, the task was shown that all the four nominated girls ‘Bigg Boss’ had the opportunity to protect themselves from nomination with their hard work and understanding. Gordon has a watch for this task. All four nominated girls are photographed on this watch. When the buzzer rings, a girl whose picture will be on the fork of the clock will be safe. The four girls were seen trying to protect themselves during this task.

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