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Dabangg 3 trailer and review. Salman Khan’s movie Dabangg 3 has been released. Chulbul Pandey was eagerly awaited by the audience. Dabangg Pandey ji is shown more young than before. Sai Manjrekar is going to debut in the industry with this film, and Sonakshi Sinha will also appear in the lead role. The fans have given it mixed reactions. While some people are calling Dabangg 3 as a spice hit, people are calling this film of Bhai Jan a headache.

Salman Khan’s Dabangg-3 Larger Than Life film and the tremendous story of the finest police officer Chulbul Pandey. Salman Khan’s style, power, swag are all intact in the film. But with a runtime of 2 hours and 42 minutes, the film seems too long. The script could have been more crispy.

Dabangg 3 has a full dose of action but in many places the scenes are unbelievable, unimaginable. In action, Salman Khan has tried his best to compete with South’s films. Which is also successful. The work of VFX in the film is tremendous. The makeup artist has done a great job in making Salman look young. The best thing in the movie is its songs. Munna in particular was notorious. Salman Khan has given full competition to Malaika’s Munni Badnaam.

Other songs of the film can also be heard, but there is no song whose tune and lyrics can be seen coming out of the theater humming. If you remove the X-ray of Dabangg 3, there is nothing to see in the film. This is just an attempt to remove old films and introduce them. For Salman Khan’s fans, this film may be a blockbuster but if you look at Salman’s old films, it is not a matter of domination. Hence, the box office of the film is also going to have an impact.

Actor and host Manish Paul has praised the film. And said that, Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha are back with another blockbuster. Super entertainment

Writer, director Milap says that this film is Mas Masala. And it will prove to be a big hit.

One fan says that this is one of the worst films of Salman Khan. After a while watching the film, you will feel like sleeping. And this film can also give you a headache.

A fan has written that I love you Salman but who makes such films?


Going beyond the first and second part of Dabangg, Salman has shown the flashback of Chulbul Pandey in this film, which will add you emotionally. The film begins in Tundla village in Uttar Pradesh, where a wealthy family celebrates marriage. Then some goons come and make loot there. Chulbul Pandey (Salman Khan), the police officer of that area, first kills the bully entry and then loots them fiercely. After this, the real story of the film begins. In fact, these goons have a connection with the movie’s villain Bali Singh (Kicha Sudeep) and when the two meet, Chulbul Pandey remembers the wounds of his past, which were given to him by Bali Singh.

Chulbul Pandey was in love with Khushi (Say Manjrekar) before Rajjo (Sonakshi Sinha). The two were soon to get married, but during this time something happens to them that Chulbul Pandey’s life changes. A common boy who is a superfit but is negative for the family. Her mother and father love her a lot, but Sulochana Mausi, who is present in the house, only taunts. Dhakad has a brother, Makkhi (Arbaaz Khan) who runs at the behest of his brother. The story moves forward and Dhakad falls in love with Khushi (Sai ​​Manjrekar). The families of both of them get ready for marriage. But then, Bali (Kicha Sudeep) gets an eye on happiness. He loves her one-sided but when he comes to know about the love of Rakshasa and Khushi, he kills the entire family including Khushi in front of Rakshaka. But the case goes on trial and gets punishment.

Meanwhile, the senior officer of the jail gets an eye on Dhakad and acquits Dhakad of false charges and makes him a policeman. Here Dhakad Pandey’s form changes and he becomes Chulbul Pandey. Chulbul Pandey kills Bali by throwing him from the ditch to complete his revenge. Then comes the jump in the story, Chulbul meets Rajjo (Sonakshi Sinha). The two fall in love then marry, they also have a son, who is around 6 years old. But there is a further entry of Bali in the story, which is not even mentioned in the film how it survived. One day both Bali and Dhaka collide again. Bali too has not forgotten its revenge. He feels that Chulbul has taken away Khushi. Chulbul’s chronic pain wakes up. Bali acts more wrong than before. Chulbul Pandey swears to eliminate him, but how will he end? Or will Bali survive again? This is the climax of the film.

Taran Adarsh ​​has given three and a half stars to the film.

Dabangg 3 trailer date Cast and review watch here.

Producer: Arbaaz Khan, Salman Khan

Artist: Salman Khan, Sai Manjrekar, Sonakshi Sinha, Arbaaz Khan, Kicha Sudeep, Tinu Anand, Mahesh Manjrekar, Nawab Shah, Varina Hussain, Dimple Kapadia

Director: Prabhudeva

Genre: Action, Drama

Music: Sandeep Shirodkar, Sajid-Wajid

Here you can watch Dabangg 3 trailer:

In the film, Salman Khan looks younger than ever in his old style. Salman’s style of acting is old, but his entry in a domineering manner on the screen forces the audience to play whistles and applause. In the film, Sonakshi is similar to her character Rajzo. Although he has played the character of Dabangg’s wife. Sai Manjrekar, who became Chulbul’s girlfriend, has debuted in the film. Sai has done well in the role of a straightforward girl. Kicha Sudeep has done a fantastic job in the role of Villain in the film. Kichha Sudeep has played the character of a villain like Bali in front of a hero like Dabangg. There are many supporting artists in the film, Arbaaz Khan, Nawab Shah, Mahesh Manjrekar have done a good job.


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