PM Narendra Modi’s interview with Akshay kumar

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has interviewed PM Narendra Modi. The PM talked about every aspect of life which people do not know much about. The PM also praised Mamta Banerjee. He said that ‘sister Mamta’ still sent me a couple of kurtas every year. Not only that, Modi had also said that she (Mamta Banerjee) would send dessert once or twice a year for him.

During this he asked many questions related to the prime minister’s life. Akshay ask  do you get angry, and when you you get angry, what do you do?

In this The PM said, ‘I say that I do not get angry,  so a lot of people are surprised.

Though the  anger is part of the nature of the human being,but in my part of my life there was such training that in such a long career as the Chief Minister and the Prime Minister, such a chance has never come. I would have got angry inside, but I stop it from expressing it.

In response to another question, the Prime Minister said that in childhood he wanted to go to the army, after the 1962 war, there was a desire to go to the army.

On the question of living with his family, the PM said, “If I could come out of the house by becoming a PM, I would have probably thought, but I had come out of the house in a very young age, after that life became detached.

My training has happened in that way. It may have been difficult at the time the house was left but now life has become like that.

Akshay had said  that he will discuss ‘fair and completely non-political’ with PM Narendra Modi on Wednesday.

Akshay had tweeted  that he was going to do something unique ‘he had never done before.’ He said that his talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi would give a relaxed atmosphere at the time of election.

PM Narendra Modi said about the Twinkle Khanna while talking to Akshay Kumar, I see social media, This gives me information about what’s going on outside.. I also see your and twinkle Khanna’s twitter In this way.

PM Narendra Modi spoke funny about Twinkle Khanna while Twinkle Khanna immediately gave her reaction to social media, I understand that this will have a lot of peace in your family.

When PM Modi mentioned Twinkle Khanna in the interview then twinkle reply for this on twiter.

Twinkle Khanna responded on BJP’s tweet: “I am watching it positively at all. Not only does the Prime Minister realize my existence, but he also reads my work. In this way, twinkle Khanna’s PM Narendra Modi is becoming very viral on social media

Bollywood actor Kamal R Khan has given a reaction to this interview of Narendra Modi and has described this interview as poor and said that Akshay Kumar did not ask Modiji about that which country is  better ?


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