Rowan Atkinson Mr Bean has the world’s most expensive car

Rowan Atkinson Mr Bean is the owner of the world’s most expensive car McLaren F1. Famous Hollywood comedian Rowan Atkinson, who tickles everyone with his comedy, is fond of expensive cars. Please tell that he gained popularity with the character of Mr. Bean.

Rowan owns several expensive cars. He had developed this hobby since childhood. At that time, he used to drive a tractor. Rowan was born into a poor family. His father was a farmer. Rowan is one of Britain’s richest people today. In 2011, she was given a special invite to the wedding of Prince William of Britain.

Every child used to be a fan of Mr. Bean in the 90s. Now if you say who is Mr. Bean, then it will be a little extra. People used to speak passionately for this show and Mr. Bean, which lasted for about 5 years. At that time, Mr. Bean show was very popular among the people, from children to grown-ups were also fans of this show. Well Mr. Bean’s real name is Rowan Atkinson but the world still calls him Mr. Bean. In addition to ‘Mr. Bean’, Rowan has worked on TV shows titled ‘Blackadder’, ‘Nine O Clock News’, ‘The Secret Policeman’s Balls’ and ‘The Thin Blue Line’.

He live the lifestyle of kings and emperors. The actor owns a dozen luxury cars. They also include the world’s most expensive cars. These include Rolls Royce, Aston Martin DB2, 1939 BMW 328 and more than 12 luxury vehicles including Acura NSX. Not only this, he also had the McLaren F1, one of the most expensive cars in the world. He later sold this car. The price of this car is about 93 crores.

Mr. Bean series has been broadcast in different languages in about 200 countries of the world. There is hardly any country where this funny series would not have been liked. Rowan was born and raised in Durham. He then did Electrical Engineering from Queens College, Oxford. At one time he got fond of driving a lorry and even today he holds a license of a lorry driver.

Rowan Atkinson Mr Bean was awarded the title of ‘Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire’ in 2013 by the Queen of the United Kingdom for acting. Mr. Bean means that Atkinson owns property worth 8 thousand crores. Rowan Atkinson is named one of Britain’s richest. His stardom is more than that of big actors. Mr. Bean has a stately palace in London. Which is worth crores.

In addition Rowan Atkinson also owns McLaren F1, one of the most expensive cars in the world. Talking about the early 1990s, the price of McLaren F1 was 5 lakh 40 thousand euro. On the other hand, if you go out to find or buy this car today, then you will have to spend about 80 to 100 crores for it.

Mr. Bean (show) ended after 14 episodes, but Rowan Atkinson was left in memory. Time changed show Badal and new characters also came but no one could show like Mr. Bean then nor now. Let me tell you, Mr. Bean was a British sitcom produced by Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis, which people liked.

Talking about their property, they own property worth about 8 thousand crores. He has a luxurious palace in London. Let us know that apart from acting, he also has a production company named Hindmake.


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