World Malaria day, Know the reason and Rescue

World Malaria Day is celebrated on 25th April every year. The purpose of which is to make people aware of this deadly disease.

It primarily prey upon people in Asia, America, Africa, Middle East. But now it is spreading rapidly in India too.

The World Health Organization (WHO) organizes Malaria Day every year and aims to underline global efforts to cure it, prevent it and ultimately eliminate this disease altogether.

The malaria spreads through the bite of female mosquito  Anopheles. Who was discovered by Sir Ronald Rass. These mosquitoes are usually active in the evening.

The parasite called Plasmodium inside the body of the Anopheles occurs. When this mosquito bites a person, then the parasite of the disease begins to increase its number by reaching the liver through the bloodstream.

symptoms of malaria :

  • Headache,
  • vomiting, or palpitations, 
  • pain in the joint, lack of blood in the body,
  • lack of weakness and fatigue
  • color of the eyes  is yellowing,
  • High fever, on getting sweat fever reduced, etc.

Prevention from Malaria:

Malaria mosquitoes grow in fresh water collected in the house. It is therefore important that there is no water stored in your home and the surrounding areas. The mosquito cycle takes 7-12 days to complete.

Mosquitoes can lay eggs in it, if any vessel storage container is not properly cleaned once a week.

Treatment of Malaria:

There is no anti-malaria drug in India right now. But recently, Malaria has succeeded in making the vaccine after 30 years of hard work in Malawi, Africa.

Vaccination will be given through injection

The vaccine invented for malaria is named RTS, S / AS01 and its trade name is Mosquirix.

WHO retweeted @WHOWPRO’s Tweets by #ZeroMalaria.

This year’s theme is – ‘Zero Malaria starts with me’, that is, starting to take malaria to zero level itself. It draws attention to ongoing cooperation, investment and commitment in the fight against malaria.

Last year, 4.35 lakh people died due to malaria in the world. However, the number of people killed in 2016 was 4.51 lakh.

About 3.1 billion rupees have been spent on preventing the entire world of malaria, control and elimination of it completely.

India has recorded a decrease of 24% in the case of malaria in 2017. India has succeeded in reducing this disease through the Conventional (traditional) view of  (check, treat, keep an eye). To prevent this disease in India, mosquito nets were also distributed free of cost.

In this case, there is little hope that this vaccine will also be launched in India. This vaccine is designed to prevent malaria in children. In African countries, cases of malaria infection are reported in 95% of cases.



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